Our Top Seven Picks For MLM Business

7 Best MLM Business Picks

Today, MLM has been on the rise. You can easily find several options of MLM business. Many top MLM companies are balanced for the explosive growth in 2016 and ahead. Multi Level Marketing pays out on multi-level basis. The members will be paid based on their level in the company. Do you want to choose the best MLM business?

In order to success with the top MLM opportunity, you need to find a company that is the right for you. There are many considerations for the decision process. It is better for you to know how long the company has been around, the compensation plan that is offered, and your passion toward the opportunity. The answers will eventually determine your future.

The options are so many. You should be careful in selecting the best MLM business. This is a list of the best MLM companies in 2016. This list will help to narrow your search.

AdvoCare International Scam Review

AdvoCare is headquartered in Plano, Tex. It was established in 1993. This company provides weight-management, innovative nutritional, skin care products and sports performance. It offers the products to help the customers reach and maintain their nutritional goals, such as: gain muscle, increase energy, improve wellness, lose weight, improve skin beauty, and more.

USANA Health Services Review

This company was founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz. This company manufactures and develops healthy weight management products and high-quality nutritional supplements. It also offers several self-preserving personal-care products. You just need to invest $30 to obtain the Business Development System. You will get everything that you need to start your business with this MLM. It can be considered as the best MLM business.

Forever Living Products Wikipedia

Forever Living Products was founded in 1978. This is a multi-billion dollar Multi Level Marketing company in over 150 countries. It creates and sells many exclusive and valuable products based on aloe vera. Aloe is believed can enhance the body, both inside and outside. The products are various from antioxidant rich drinks to facial treatments.

LegalShield Scam Review

It was established in 1972. This company trades pre-paid legal services. The pre-paid legal plans will be serviced by 50 independent provider law firms. The services are also traded as the employee benefits for large and small businesses.


Avon is one of the largest direct sellers. It can be best MLM business. It has more than 6 million representatives over 100 countries. Each year, it can get more than $11 billion. The products include fashion, beauty, and home products. The brand names are Avon Color, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques, ANEW, and Avon Naturals.

Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts was established in 2003 by Cindy Monroe. Thirty-One Consultants provides purses, totes, thermal bags, catalog parties and organizing items at home parties. By investing $99 in this MLM, you can get the Enrollment Kit that includes $400+ worth of business supplies and new products.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

It has more than 2 million Independent Beauty Consultants spread in 30 countries around the world. Mary Kay provides women an opportunity to obtain their potential in a company. The Consultant acts as an advisor who is focused on helping the customers’ appearance. It can be your best MLM business.

If you’re looking for some current and trending companies that is a completely different world in MLM. We will leave you with a few links below where you can get trendy MLM reviews and reach out to some of the leaders in network marketing.

Trending MLM Companies Reach Out Below:

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MLM Company Reviews

Best MLM Companies


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Why are People Interested in Join MLM? See Our MLM Review Below

Before we are going too far in this MLM review, we should know the profile behind MLM. What is MLM? It is a multi-level marketing which in this case, what the affiliation members should do is market the products or the service or even the company’s brand. Every company has its own way to manage their affiliation and make the process of marketing. They also have their own consideration in payment method.

Most of the MLM reviews recommend this business to everybody because you can make your own salary each month and you can make your own working time. However, once more, it is related to the kind of the company itself. What is it sell? What is it do? what are the process and the management of teh company? You should consider some of those things first. You have to know the meaning behind recruitment and what you will get after you sell the product of it.

It means like you invest your money in this case. What you have to do is only pay the affiliation members payment and if you continuously active in this passage, you can get the affiliation member for all of your life. It means there is no expired date for it. what do you think about it? are you ready to find the way of your MLM major by following the MLM reviews said about it?

Do you know how much you will get when you can active in MLM? You can get more than salary because you also will get the reward. Many MLM companies are trying to attract their affiliation members with rewards that are spectacular to imagine. Beside teh passive income because in MLM you will have a downline, you also will have the active income if you active and the reward behind it. who does not want to be like that?

It seems very attractive. If you also interested in this kind of business, all you have to do is trying to find the great MLM company that will not only give you a promise, but also the real fact. Are you ready to have the financial and time freedom? If you are ready, you can start to join and make sure you understand their working pathway. You should carefully learn about it so that you will get what you want in this kind of business. are you ready to learn and be the family of MLM companies? Inish to read this MLM reviews first before you make any decision.

The MLM companies which are good will give you training and the motivation in each period. They also will give you more knowledge by making teh gathering for you and another affiliation members. Do you want to search the company in this theme? You can find thousands of them but check whether they still active or not. It is your time to know more about it and it is your time to make your own salary and everything related to yourself.

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Street Crewz United Revenue – Small Business Legit Or Not?

Street Crewz United Review

Here are MS Projector we are starting to take on a new role. We get a lot of emails asking us to do small business company reviews. So we decided to start with Street Crewz United.

Do you want to join a business? You should carefully choose the right business. At this time, there are many companies that offer great promises. You can find several new companies on MLM market. One of them is Street Crewz United.

This company has been on MLM market since January 2016. This is one of companies that does not have product lines. How does it work? Regularly, an MLM company has product lines that will be sold by the member. The company and members will get profit from selling the products. But, Street Crewz United does not have product or service to sell. Do you want to know more about this company? Do you want to know how to get the revenue with Street Crewz United? You are in the right place now.
Street Crewz United has a 1 x 6 matrix. The scheme consists of 12 tiers. It is pretty simple to understand if you are not familiar with this scheme. This matrix sets one member at the top place. There will be 6 positions under them that can be filled. When the required positions are filled, the commissions will be paid out.

To fill the positions, you can get direct or indirect sponsorship. This is the compensation plan of Street Crewz United:
Tier 1. You pay $5 to the member who has recruited you. You will get $5 from 6 members ($30).
Tier 2. The position rate is $10. You will get $10 from 6 members ($60).
Tier 3. The position rate is $25. You will get $25 from 6 members ($150).
Tier 4. The position rate is $50. You will get $50 from 6 members ($300).
Tier 5. The position rate is $100. You will get $100 from 6 members ($600).
Tier 6. The position rate is $250. You will get $250 from 6 members ($1500).
Tier 7. The position rate is $500. You will get $500 from 6 members ($3000).
Tier 8. The position rate is $1000. You will get $1000 from 6 members ($6000).
Tier 9. The position rate is $1500. You will get $1500 from 6 members ($9000).
Tier 10. The position rate is $2000. You will get $2000 from 6 members ($12,000).
Tier 11. The position rate is $2500. You will get $2500 from 6 members ($15,000).
Tier 12. The position rate is $3000. You will get $3000 from 6 members ($18,000).

Companies like this are come and go. It is very important to always do your research and home at good social media sites to get answers. Just because a business is free doesn’t mean there are not costs later which can be a lot for sure.

Street Crewz Conclusion

The membership of Street Crewz United is actually free.  But, you must pay at least one position at the price of $5 to be included in the MLM cycler. You will not get opportunity to earn money if you do not purchase the positions. The only source of the income in Street Crewz United is from positions that you purchase. You should get members as required for each tier. You will get much money if you can complete the tiers that are provided. Membership marketing is the main action in Street Crewz United. Do you want to join this company?

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Boost Your SEO Strategies And Fix Your Broken Business


There are some SEO techniques which only takes one hour per day to increase traffic and ranking on search engines. At this time, I will share them for you. These SEO techniques are safe and powerful.

1. Extend your article up to 2500 words

Some people say that article contains 300-500 words is good. Article that contains 300-500 words is already enough if your website provides news content or non-article content.

But, it is still very poor for article content. SerpIQ has conducted a research to determine the average length of articles that appear on the first page of Google. As the result, the average article that appeared in the first up to third ranking is articles that contain 2500 words.

But, the 2500 words are merged with other texts in addition to articles, such as text in the header, sidebar, even in the comments. Therefore, 1500-words-article is pretty good too.

Long articles usually contain a lot of information. With more information, the readers are more satisfied. Usually, the article that makes the reader satisfied will get more backlinks.

2. Change the title of the content in order to get more clicks

According to a research, a website that gets lots of clicks from the search results, the ranking can rise from number 10 to number one. If the percentage of clicks to your website is higher than to any other website, the ranking of your website will rise above them.

Title can attract people to click your post. It means that you can immediately improve the ranking. Optimizing the title will be very important. These are some tips for optimizing the title:

a. Create detail as much as possible

b. Use the numbers

c. Describe the benefits gained after reading the article

d. Use the interrogative sentence

3. Add LSI to enhance the relevancy and keyword variations

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. All modern search engines use the LSI system to be able to understand the meaning of a word in the article by reading the words that surround it. The easiest place to find LSI keyword is in the Google’s search results.

You can also find on the Google Keyword Planner.

The advantages of the system LSI are:

a. Increasing the relevance of the keyword article. The more relevant keyword will provide better rank.

b. Adding possibility for the article to be ranked in other LSI keywords.

Place the keywords at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the article. But, do not repeat the word many times in your article. Make sure that each sentence can be read naturally.

4. Get traffic and extra links from the community site

You can follow this idea: create website> create featured content> broadcast to the community sites> get many visitors> good ranking in Google> more and more visitors.

The main key is you must be friendly. If there are any questions, you should try to give friendly answer. Do this for 3-7 days. Most members of the community will o know you. After that, you can post a link to your website.

But remember, the content must be good and related with the community.

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Learning The Essentials Of Marketing For Small Business

Marketing is essential to run a business. A marketing plan is an inclusive instrument that précis company’s advertisements and efforts for the upcoming challenges. It includes business scheme involved in achieving particular business objectives in a limited time. Current marketing condition also involves in the marketing plan. A symposium of targets that company has to achieve also includes in marketing strategy plan. It contains a full survey of company’s power, its weaknesses, its product quality, past record and future plans.

The first rule of the marketing plan is to understand customers need and wants through a market examination. This includes procedure such as market state study, efforts programs, financial blueprint, sale prediction and projected profit and loss statement. A marketing plan can also be explained as a mastery that helps a company to make a wise decision so, they can make a good use of their available resources to fulfill the business goal.


To set a company on a right track a market plan is necessary. For example, a new organization looking to establish a business will generally have a marketing idea that underlines policy to expand their consumer base. Purchasing marketing shares, expanding customers’ knowledge and build a pleasing image of a company are some of its aims and objectives. The company should keep its objectives straight to achieve its goals. Marketing objectives need to achieve within a limited period of time to be practical. No one supports or funds that swear to make 1 Million Dollars “SOMEDAY” . Setting special agenda for marketing is vital. Goals should be set to increase sale by 20 or 30% within a short period. Targeting new customers to increase sales are the best marketing objective.


a) Market Examination Collecting and organizing data about the project, the organization currently working in. Exploring the market power, method, consumers and the current sales amount for the industry.

b) Rivalry Understanding the company’s rival to improve business performance. The plan should explain how the company will fight from its rivals and what it will do to become a market chief.

c) Promotion plans Company’s advertising is very necessary for a successful business. Such plans include direct marketing, Sign boards, website, and pamphlet etc

d) Budget Planning Strategies adopted by a company should be within the budget. Financial managers should make plans within the budget to avoid loans. They should review their financial situations every week to avoid disturbances in future

e) Monitoring Company should monitor their previous and current record for better result of the organization. They should leave those strategies which don’t work for them and adopt new strategies

f) 8 p’s

1.Price — the amount of money needed to buy product

2. Product — the actual product

3. Promotion — getting the product known

4. Placement —where the product is sold

5. People — Represent their business

6. Physical Environment — the ambiance, mode or tone of the environment

7. Process — The Value added services

8. Packaging — how the product will be protected

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Microsoft Software Developers Move Overseas For Work!

find work overseas

Improve Your Quality of Life By Moving To Central America

Making Money Online While Living The Laptop Lifestyle overseas is something I would say most people would love to do.  It is something that many software developers have been traveling overseas for.  Many Microsoft employees packed up and left for third world countries to work on web-based viewers and project management software.

There are many North Americans who are pulling up stakes and moving to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, and Ecuador to name a few.

This is mainly because the cost of living index, is so low… compared to that of North America… Additionally, their standard of living is also not too bad.

Guatemala – Lake Peten

Image Courtesy: http://www.freshtutorials.com/

work overseas

According to the United Nations Population Division in mid-2013 … there is an estimated 12,000 Americans living in Panama, about 13,000 in Costa Rica, 12,000 and about 4,000 in Nicaragua… These figures would only have increased as of today…

While the exchange value of one Dollar is equivalent to… about 540 times the local currency in Costa Rica… It is about 28 times the local currency in Nicaragua… and 7.5 the Guatemala currency.

However, the Panama currency and the Green Back stand neck to neck…where exchange rates are concerned… but the cost of living is nearly one third of what you spend in the Americas…Panama however, has a high standard of living.

So, it is of no surprise, why so many Americans are living abroad… All they have to do is to take advantage of cheap living… and the exchange value of the dollar.

Aaron and Shara are one such of the many couples who utilize this to the maximum…

Although Costa Rica has long been favored by most North Americans (not surprising why)… the other destinations are fast becoming popular destinations… particularly for retirees and internet marketers… who spend most of their time in these places and back home.

Why Shift Overseas When I Can Make The Same Income From Home Here.

This is a common question that aspiring internet marketers ask Aaron and Shara. Why sell out and move overseas… which has a different culture, food… Well, that’s the thrill of it all… tell Aaron and Shara…

You have to live it to experience it!

Costa Rica has especially become a big destination for many web based developers and software guru’s from Silicon Valley.  They really love the slowed down lifestyle with wifi every place you go.  How do you beat that?

Working from the beach is something I’d say most would enjoy.  Bob Ross a leading Microsoft software developer has moved down there full time with his family, belongings even brought the dog and cat!

I have taken the liberty of attaching the link to a recently published study… “Expats: Expectations & Reality,” by Best Places In The World to Retire … It provides many answers to most expat’s questions!

They have based their findings… according to a recent survey… that was hosted on SurveyGizmo sometime during the latter half of April 2015.

The above findings summarize the responses of 389 expatriates living in Central America.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why People Had Moved Overseas.

Most of them hoped for a better quality of life… Because…

  • A lot less bills…as a result a lot less stress.
  • Their retirement income (social security cheque) would go a lot further.
  • This would permit them to travel and engage in other activities they couldn’t afford otherwise.
  • There would be less stress and they can try their hands on other types of jobs.
  • Internet marketing and make money online being the top choices.
  • Besides, their social security cheque covers most if not all their living expenses.
  • No rush hour traffic, or corporate cubicles and other mortgage payments.


Average Lifestyle of An Expat In Nicaragua.

Based on a direct survey of a female, an US National, married, and living in Nicaragua for over two years… She emphasized on the better quality of life for her, her husband and children… The ability to afford private schools… a maid and a gardener… lower cost of living… and the ability to save money… unlike the US where they were in debt at the end of the month… less stress… no need for side jobs to make extra money… no rush hour traffic… and most of all no more cubicle farms…more holidays and more time to do things that they always wanted.

Nicaragua is a very nice place. There are also places in Central America and around the world that many people would do just about anything to retire there. However, if your will to spend just a little more than where you would spend in most third world countries Aaron and Shara suggest Costa Rica.

You can discover Costa Rica’s Caribbean side or Pacific Side and most places are on wifi and have very nice and safe accommodations for travelers or retirees. There are many people working online who have chosen Costa Rica to be their mainstay.

work in costa rica

If your looking for a little bit of a faster lifestyle you may want to settle down in Jaco on the Central Pacific Coast. There are many restaurants and accommodations with a thriving night life.

If you’re looking to slow down a bit but still have lots of options to work from the beach Aaron’s favorite place is Tamarindo. They really celebrate the “Pura Vida” lifestyle on the northwest pacific coast.

This is where many people working online have settled down to make incredible incomes while enjoying the breathtaking views.

If you want to really slow down and have a not so great connection to the internet it would not be wise to live in the southwest pacific side. You can catch lots of waves and see lots of howler monkeys but you won’t be getting much work done. It’s a great place to go for the weekend and chill out.

So really take your pic and enjoy Central America. It’s a great place to live the laptop lifestyle and live very well whether you’re working or ready for retirement.

Aaron and Shara left their cubicle farm during the late nineties and have not looked back…. Both have no regrets….  If Aaron and Shara can make money online, why can’t you?

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