Boost Your SEO Strategies And Fix Your Broken Business


There are some SEO techniques which only takes one hour per day to increase traffic and ranking on search engines. At this time, I will share them for you. These SEO techniques are safe and powerful.

1. Extend your article up to 2500 words

Some people say that article contains 300-500 words is good. Article that contains 300-500 words is already enough if your website provides news content or non-article content.

But, it is still very poor for article content. SerpIQ has conducted a research to determine the average length of articles that appear on the first page of Google. As the result, the average article that appeared in the first up to third ranking is articles that contain 2500 words.

But, the 2500 words are merged with other texts in addition to articles, such as text in the header, sidebar, even in the comments. Therefore, 1500-words-article is pretty good too.

Long articles usually contain a lot of information. With more information, the readers are more satisfied. Usually, the article that makes the reader satisfied will get more backlinks.

2. Change the title of the content in order to get more clicks

According to a research, a website that gets lots of clicks from the search results, the ranking can rise from number 10 to number one. If the percentage of clicks to your website is higher than to any other website, the ranking of your website will rise above them.

Title can attract people to click your post. It means that you can immediately improve the ranking. Optimizing the title will be very important. These are some tips for optimizing the title:

a. Create detail as much as possible

b. Use the numbers

c. Describe the benefits gained after reading the article

d. Use the interrogative sentence

3. Add LSI to enhance the relevancy and keyword variations

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. All modern search engines use the LSI system to be able to understand the meaning of a word in the article by reading the words that surround it. The easiest place to find LSI keyword is in the Google’s search results.

You can also find on the Google Keyword Planner.

The advantages of the system LSI are:

a. Increasing the relevance of the keyword article. The more relevant keyword will provide better rank.

b. Adding possibility for the article to be ranked in other LSI keywords.

Place the keywords at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the article. But, do not repeat the word many times in your article. Make sure that each sentence can be read naturally.

4. Get traffic and extra links from the community site

You can follow this idea: create website> create featured content> broadcast to the community sites> get many visitors> good ranking in Google> more and more visitors.

The main key is you must be friendly. If there are any questions, you should try to give friendly answer. Do this for 3-7 days. Most members of the community will o know you. After that, you can post a link to your website.

But remember, the content must be good and related with the community.

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