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Improve Your Quality of Life By Moving To Central America

Making Money Online While Living The Laptop Lifestyle overseas is something I would say most people would love to do.  It is something that many software developers have been traveling overseas for.  Many Microsoft employees packed up and left for third world countries to work on web-based viewers and project management software.

There are many North Americans who are pulling up stakes and moving to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, and Ecuador to name a few.

This is mainly because the cost of living index, is so low… compared to that of North America… Additionally, their standard of living is also not too bad.

Guatemala – Lake Peten

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According to the United Nations Population Division in mid-2013 … there is an estimated 12,000 Americans living in Panama, about 13,000 in Costa Rica, 12,000 and about 4,000 in Nicaragua… These figures would only have increased as of today…

While the exchange value of one Dollar is equivalent to… about 540 times the local currency in Costa Rica… It is about 28 times the local currency in Nicaragua… and 7.5 the Guatemala currency.

However, the Panama currency and the Green Back stand neck to neck…where exchange rates are concerned… but the cost of living is nearly one third of what you spend in the Americas…Panama however, has a high standard of living.

So, it is of no surprise, why so many Americans are living abroad… All they have to do is to take advantage of cheap living… and the exchange value of the dollar.

Aaron and Shara are one such of the many couples who utilize this to the maximum…

Although Costa Rica has long been favored by most North Americans (not surprising why)… the other destinations are fast becoming popular destinations… particularly for retirees and internet marketers… who spend most of their time in these places and back home.

Why Shift Overseas When I Can Make The Same Income From Home Here.

This is a common question that aspiring internet marketers ask Aaron and Shara. Why sell out and move overseas… which has a different culture, food… Well, that’s the thrill of it all… tell Aaron and Shara…

You have to live it to experience it!

Costa Rica has especially become a big destination for many web based developers and software guru’s from Silicon Valley.  They really love the slowed down lifestyle with wifi every place you go.  How do you beat that?

Working from the beach is something I’d say most would enjoy.  Bob Ross a leading Microsoft software developer has moved down there full time with his family, belongings even brought the dog and cat!

I have taken the liberty of attaching the link to a recently published study… “Expats: Expectations & Reality,” by Best Places In The World to Retire … It provides many answers to most expat’s questions!

They have based their findings… according to a recent survey… that was hosted on SurveyGizmo sometime during the latter half of April 2015.

The above findings summarize the responses of 389 expatriates living in Central America.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why People Had Moved Overseas.

Most of them hoped for a better quality of life… Because…

  • A lot less bills…as a result a lot less stress.
  • Their retirement income (social security cheque) would go a lot further.
  • This would permit them to travel and engage in other activities they couldn’t afford otherwise.
  • There would be less stress and they can try their hands on other types of jobs.
  • Internet marketing and make money online being the top choices.
  • Besides, their social security cheque covers most if not all their living expenses.
  • No rush hour traffic, or corporate cubicles and other mortgage payments.

Average Lifestyle of An Expat In Nicaragua.

Based on a direct survey of a female, an US National, married, and living in Nicaragua for over two years… She emphasized on the better quality of life for her, her husband and children… The ability to afford private schools… a maid and a gardener… lower cost of living… and the ability to save money… unlike the US where they were in debt at the end of the month… less stress… no need for side jobs to make extra money… no rush hour traffic… and most of all no more cubicle farms…more holidays and more time to do things that they always wanted.

Nicaragua is a very nice place. There are also places in Central America and around the world that many people would do just about anything to retire there. However, if your will to spend just a little more than where you would spend in most third world countries Aaron and Shara suggest Costa Rica.

You can discover Costa Rica’s Caribbean side or Pacific Side and most places are on wifi and have very nice and safe accommodations for travelers or retirees. There are many people working online who have chosen Costa Rica to be their mainstay.

work in costa rica

If your looking for a little bit of a faster lifestyle you may want to settle down in Jaco on the Central Pacific Coast. There are many restaurants and accommodations with a thriving night life.

If you’re looking to slow down a bit but still have lots of options to work from the beach Aaron’s favorite place is Tamarindo. They really celebrate the “Pura Vida” lifestyle on the northwest pacific coast.

This is where many people working online have settled down to make incredible incomes while enjoying the breathtaking views.

If you want to really slow down and have a not so great connection to the internet it would not be wise to live in the southwest pacific side. You can catch lots of waves and see lots of howler monkeys but you won’t be getting much work done. It’s a great place to go for the weekend and chill out.

So really take your pic and enjoy Central America. It’s a great place to live the laptop lifestyle and live very well whether you’re working or ready for retirement.

Aaron and Shara left their cubicle farm during the late nineties and have not looked back…. Both have no regrets….  If Aaron and Shara can make money online, why can’t you?

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